About Us

About Us

Expert cyber security partners dedicated to keeping your private data private

What We Do

Providing trusted cyber security solutions built on experience and expertise

Infosec K2K is a dedicated cyber security consultancy with offices in London and India and experts located in Africa, offering robust services to keep businesses across the EMEA and Asia Pacific safe and secure. Throughout our many years of operation, we have seen countless companies suffer with IT providers checking their own security work which, unfortunately, often leads to increased risk of a security breach.

Instead, we work in partnership with IT departments to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of every threat that could affect your organisation, and are given the information to protect it both now and into the future. We offer our clients the best in market services to help them keep up with the ever evolving world of online security so they can focus on what really matters to their business.

Our Expert Team

We are a dynamic and responsive team that understand the need for dedicated cyber expertise in order to keep businesses secure.

Gary Neville
With an extensive track record of providing strategic and financial support to organisations of all sizes, Gary Neville has years of board experience at Main List, AIM and private companies. Gary has a background in infrastructure, project finance, management consultancy and accounting, as well as investment vehicle experience using private, public and DFI funding. He has proven skill leveraging the insights of his diverse career to guide strategy, ensure compliance, issues of governance and risk management.