Crisis Response

Crisis Response

We are on hand to support you and your business if the worst happens and can take control to eliminate the threat quickly and efficiently.

We work closely with our clients to identify any potential security weaknesses before they turn into a breach, however, cyber threats are ever-evolving meaning attacks can unfortunately still happen. Though many businesses firmly believe that it “won’t happen to them,” human error, lack of security infrastructure and the shift to remote working all make security breaches possible.

The financial, operational and reputational impacts of an attack can be detrimental, which is why it is essential to get the right support quickly to get a clear understanding of the situation, control the breach and put an effective incident response plan in place.

Our expert team is trained to deal with any size attack, from the most advanced to the less sophisticated, that manages to bypass your existing security infrastructure with our tried and tested incident response plan.


Our Security Systems Assessments are key to understanding and identifying any potential security weakness, so an effective plan of action can be put into place. We assess your organisation’s end-to-end response framework to develop generic crisis management plans and scenarios to support your IT and leadership teams should they face an attack.


We offer our clients 24/7 support during a crisis to ensure they have our expertise to guide them through effective crisis management processes and tools. We provide specialist advice on key considerations and decisions for how to implement the right strategies for rapid recovery with minimal loss.


After a thorough investigation, Infosec K2K will deliver a full evaluation of your organisation’s response to the incident. The report will look at identifying the root cause, action timelines, the scale of the impact and what lasting effect it will have (if any) as well as the effectiveness of the response.