Security Assessments

Security Assessments

To successfully protect against cyber threats, understanding any potential security weakness is essential so an effective plan of action can be put into place. At Infosec K2K, we make cyber risk assessments a top priority for our clients to keep them and their data protected for the long-term.

Penetration Testing

Our methodical approach leaves no stone unturned on the hunt to identify security weaknesses that a potential attacker could breach

Once we have identified any vulnerabilities, what better way to highlight the severity of system vulnerability than to perform a dry-run of a potential attack? Our security analysts (whilst ensuring that there will be no effect on your continuation of service) carry out the attacks identified as being a weakness of your company’s system. Our security analysts will then leave behind evidence of their access to your client system. This step is essential to see how far your vulnerabilities can be penetrated and what defensive steps need to be taken to protect your system.

By testing specific applications, servers, routers, networks and other devices within scope systems in this way, we can thoroughly identify any potential footholds before they can be exploited by a potential cybercriminal. Infosec K2K will provide a full report of our findings so you can understand where your potential security weaknesses lie, so an effective plan of action can be put in place to address them.

Technical Assessments

In-depth scan of your IT infrastructure to uncover any risks that could affect your business.

At Infosec K2K, we understand that conducting technical assessments are essential for organisations to identify, analyse and evaluate any risks within their IT infrastructure. We ensure that the cyber security controls chosen are appropriate to the risks you face so you don’t waste time, effort and resources by defending against the wrong types of attacks.

We collect data and evidence through a number of available sources and use scanning tools to scan all IP addresses on the network and to identify vulnerabilities such as out of date software and patches. Following the testing, our cyber experts can identify even the smallest vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure that could lead to security breaches, and instead, help you prevent them.

Policy & Process Assessments

Helping you obtain accreditations as part of a long-term strategy and not a box-ticking exercise.

Data protection regulations are ever changing as technology evolves making it hard to keep track of what your business requires to maintain satisfactory compliance posture. We provide expert guidance and work with our clients to obtain the necessary accreditations (such as ISO 27001), so they can continue to run their business whilst maintaining a commitment to protect private data.

Our cyber audit identifies recommendations on how your organisation can improve each area following policies and processes that are designed for you. Remaining compliant ensures your organisation meets the relevant industry specific regulations, raises internal standards and reduces the risk of cyber attack.