Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Helping you understand and identify any cyber risks before they turn into a security breach

Unfortunately, human error is one of the key causes of breaches today which in worst case scenarios can lead to a full blown attack. Our Vulnerability Management can help you stay one step ahead of cybercriminals by identifying any areas of concern before they become an issue. With regular internal and external scans across your company’s IT environment Infosec K2K can monitor your risk to vulnerabilities. This is where our team’s experience and specialist knowledge come into play. Although scanning systems are able to identify vulnerabilities, a true analysis of complex threats (and as a result, knowing how to guard against them) requires a human touch.

Our analysis provides you with a complete understanding of the system weaknesses and a plan for effective and complete Penetration Testing that will make your system watertight.

By conducting an internal assessment we give you a fuller understanding of the potential cost of a network breach. This helps to inform our defence strategy and focuses on the crucial devices that – if compromised – would seriously affect the continuation of business as normal. During this internal assessment we also scan for internal threats which if your organisation were to be compromised by an employee, could be exploited.

Our expert team identifies, analyses and assesses any security issues that may leave you exposed to attack and recommend a remediation plan to mitigate risk.